A Quick Guide to Estimating Body Fat Percentage

Today we’re going to talk all about body fat percentage. I’m going to help you to learn how to accurately measure your body fat whether you’re going to use maybe the more expensive route, or go with the more economical route. Either way you’ve got to know how to measure and where to measure in order to get the right number. The key is, you should be focusing on that number, you don’t want to be focusing on the scale and your body weight because it’s not going to tell you the complete picture. The more accurate picture is going to be revealed when you can figure out what your own body fat level is and try to maximize your lean muscle mass while diminishing your levels of body fat.

Now, the more expensive route: you guys have probably seen a body fat caliper. These are good. These are more on the expensive end as they cost you about $350-$400. However, they are a really important tool if you’re talking about how much you’re going to rely on them to dictate your progress. Again, as opposed to how many times people will buy new scales and continue to jump on their scales. So when you’re a man what you want to do is: you want to measure in three places. Your first location is going to be your chest, then your abdomen and finally your thigh. You sum up the results from each location and then get the average to get an estimate of your body fat percentage. We would discuss this in more details later. The most important thing is that you continue to do your own testing and that you’re consistent with it because the one thing you want to do is you want to gauge this progress. If it’s always you doing the measurements then you can rely on that, even if you’re off a little bit it’s looking at the relative change between one measurement and the next.

Now, if you’re at home and you don’t know, or have access to a cheap pair of calipers, there’s actually an old fashioned way to do this. All you have to do is get the numbers. So what you do is you would probably be best off if you had someone that can help you with this, but they’ll do the same three pinches on the chest, abdomen and thigh. What they’ll do is they’ll measure the thickness of that pinch, that’s all the calipers are doing anyway. All the calipers are doing is, they’re at a 0 mark and then when you stick something in between they’re measuring how thick the thing that you stuck in between is. In this case it’s the body fat fold. They’ll take this and they’ll measure how thick that fold is and they’ll go from there.

If you can pinch a 0.25″ on a location you’re basically looking at about 5% to 8% body fat. What you would do is pinch and measure, pinch and measure, and pinch and measure, and then you’d add them all up together and average them. That would give you your rough body fat percentage idea. Again, this is not an exact science here. Neither are the calipers for that matter. They’re giving you something you could at least use as a tool.

The Measurements

5% to 8% is 0.5″ of pinching, 9% to 13% is 0.75″ of a pinch thickness, 14% to 18% body fat is 1″, if you can pinch an inch, 19% to 23% body fat, 1.5″ is 24% to 27%, 2″ pinch is 28% to 32%. Then 2.5″ yield 33% and up. The key here again is focusing on your body fat over your weight. If you’re adding plenty of lean muscle your weights are going to go up. It had better because it’s a much more dense tissue and that’s what you’re looking for. You’re not necessarily concerned about what the body weight is on the scale, it is how you look, how you feel, and how much lean muscle you can densely pack onto your physique. It’s the body fat percentage that’s going to reveal the true picture and you want that number to go down.

Of course, different people have different goals. Some athletes might want to hover around the 10% to 14% body fat percentage only because it’s going to help them in their sport. One number is not always going to be good for everybody, but from an aesthetics standpoint, some guys want to get lower and lower. The key to a perfect body fat percentage is focusing on that number if you’re looking for a way to get yourself down.

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What is the Army Body Fat Calculator?


The army body fat calculator is the U.S standard calculation of fitness for entry into the force, within the specified allowed fat percentage. Each’s body fat percentage has to comply with a range of the age groups listed.


Your gender has a role in the calculation of male and female body fat is scientifically different due to women carrying more fat than males. There are five other categories to enter for the calculation as a percentage; these consist of age, height, neck, waist, and hip. So a result of your actual body fat percentage is calculated and then following the criteria for entry within the recruitment standards, and army body fat calculator, this percentage is examined as successful or unsuitable.

The U.S army has their own selected way of categorizing body fat; this is to do with the levels of fitness they will class as the standard for entry requirements. Body fat percentages are an important factor in determining the amount of fat on a person’s body, which is too low or too high indicates risks on that individual’s health overall.

Health risks whether seemingly insignificant to you should not be dealt with lightly, ignoring any kind of health risk is silly as you won’t be aware of any dangers upon you and then the chance of you increasing it into a dangerously high factor of ill-health is very imminent. Make sure you do have regular checks from your dietician or other health professional, they are there for this particular specification so take advantage and get to know the facts about your body. Read more.

Effects of your lifestyle

Once you have the answers about your weight, diet values and the effects of your lifestyle on your body you need to start to a new positive plan that will reverse likely hoods of risks on your health. Create a personal diet plan for yourself that suits you and won’t leave you tired and unhappy, even if this means a reward at the end of the week by treating yourself to chocolate as a dessert or by going out for a meal. Keeping a balance between better foods and exercise will result in weight loss at the speed your body chooses, so don’t push yourself to your limits, we all have them.

Starting up a new acting career or any other personal goals that involve a health assessment of your body fat, the army body fat calculator can still be used if you require the final percentage. It is always useful to know such calculations and estimations to give you the area within the health bracket that you stand, for you to do something about it or at best, maintain the lifestyle you have if you stand within a healthy recommended area.


They are new regulations published by the U.S Army every few years which are in regards to the army fitness standards. As a matter of fact, the army body fat calculator is part of the U.S. Army’s Medical fitness standards. This calculator standard provides a means for determining body fat percentages and whether a person meets or exceeds the Army’s standards. For more information visit: https://www.okcalculator.com/good-return-investment/



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conception Calculator

What is the Best Way to Calculate the Due Date?

Many expectant mothers and fathers want to know the due date of their child but aren’t sure how to calculate due date. It’s not always the most difficult of tasks to do, in fact, as there are many simple and effective. But, for some, it’s not always the easiest either, especially when you aren’t sure what tools are available. So, how can you calculate your due date? What’s the best method in doing so? Read on to find out more.

Use the Due Date Calculator

While you might not think about it, the due date calculator can help in a major way. You can use it to calculate your due date, of course, and it’ll enable you to know more. However, in order to use the due date calculators you are going to have to know a few things such as your conception date. If you want to work out your conception date too you can use the conception calculator. Again, this is a great little tool and it’ll help you also when it comes to working out the due date. You don’t really need to do a lot of hard work and you can learn the due date within a few minutes.

Know Your Conception Date

As said above, if you want to know about your conception you can use the conception calculators to work that out too. If you wanted to, you could even work out from the due date backwards! These calculators are simple enough to use and they work like the due date calculator, you are going to need a few pieces of information to work out the conception date. It’s easy to use these tools, however. To calculate due date it’s not too difficult and you are going to find it’s really a great piece of information to find out. It’s not often something parents think about but it’s time to do so.View some details from https://www.okcalculator.com

Calculators Can Help You Prepare for the Big Event

conception CalculatorThe great thing about the due date calculators is that you can actually work out when the baby is due and start preparing for that day. You can get a cot, baby clothes, and everything else the baby will need once he or she is here. These are the things that will make life easier especially since you want the time to be as relaxing as possible. Do you really want to rush around at the last minute? It’s not always ideal but if you know the due date you can prepare and get things in as and when you’re able to. The conception calculator can be useful and working out the due date is important.Get some updates at https://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator

Be Ready

Have you thought about how prepared you are? For most, they aren’t as prepared as they think they are and it can cause some to panic a little. You don’t want this as you want a nice and calm and preferably relaxing time! You could use the conception calculators to help work out when the due date is. Calculate due date today and know when the baby will arrive.

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The Secret of Calculator for Due Date

Have you thought about using the conception calculator? To be honest, there are thousands who have never heard of this and who would say it’s not for them. However, these calculators can be useful as you learn when the baby was conceived and potentially use the information to also find out when it’s due. Knowing these things will prove vital and you are going to enjoy the experience so much. Read on to find out more.

You Learn the Due Date

Sometimes, it’s fun for parents to learn about the due date of their child’s birth without having to rely on the doctor. Of course, you absolutely should be going to a doctor for your healthcare and the baby’s too but you can also learn at home about the due date. You can use the due date calculator to find out when the baby is due. That’s the big secret! These calculators are easy to use and you can calculate due date with ease. That’s why there are now more and more using these and really they are useful in many ways.

They Are Free

Due date and a conception calculator is incredibly easy to use and the best thing about it is that they are free to use! It’s great to get a nice and free tool and in reality it’s not that difficult to use either. You are going to find these tools are great and in a way they really can provide you with a lot of information about the baby too. If you aren’t using a conception calculator but are using another method to figure out the due date, you can maybe work back and see when the actual conception date was. It’s a lot of fun to say the least.Checkout more information from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/pregnancy-due-date-calculator

You Add the Relevant Info and Get the Results Instantly

calculatorDue date calculators are incredibly easy to use and the best thing is that you are the ones who add the information into them. For instance, you add your last date of menstrual cycle and then you add other relevant info and get an instant result. That’s why these tools are so popular and in a way they can help with a lot too. When you want to calculate due date it can take a lot of time so having a calculator to help can be more than useful. It’s time to get in the know about your baby’s due date.

Enjoy the Experience

Learning all about the due date of your baby can be so important and it’s something which can make so many expectant parents gush with excitement and happiness. You can learn so much about the baby just by knowing the due date. You can also prepare for the event and it’s also a real eye-opener at times. This is why there are now so many people who are choosing to look into using the due date calculator than ever before. The conception calculator can be a useful tool and it’s something that can prove crucial to you too.

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Read About Due Date Calculator

Do you know how to calculate due date? For most parents-to-be, they aren’t sure how to find out the due date of their child and it’s frustrating to say the least. However, there are many simple and effective ways to know your due date and you don’t always have to run to the doctors either! You can use a due date calculator. These calculators are highly effective and you can absolutely use them to your advantage. Read on to find out a little more about the due date calculators.

What Can The Due Date Calculators Do?

Essentially, the calculators can be used to help calculate the potential due date of the baby. You can input some simple pieces of information and you should be able to get a date back. Of course, using the conception calculator might help you in order to work out when the baby was conceived to help with the due date. That can be very important and for most parents it’s something which means a lot to them too. The due date calculator is an essential tool for ensuring parents know when the baby is going to arrive and can start getting things in order.Click this site here!

Why Use It?

Are you really prepared for the big event? It might seem like it’s never going to happen and in truth some people find the news doesn’t really sink in until they have a due date. When that happens, people can start to prepare for their future. Parents can look at their finances and putting money aside for the baby’s college fund as well as ensuring all the necessary baby things is purchased too. Being able to calculate due date is important. You can absolutely get a lot of help with the calculators and while you might not really think about them, they’re vital at times.

Get in the Know

due-date-calculatorDo you want to guess when the baby will arrive? Of course you don’t, as it can be a very special time and you want to know everything about the baby. It really can be important and a magical time learning when the baby is going to arrive. What’s more, you can use the conception calculator to get to grips with the conception dates too. Most might not think about that but it can be useful in a variety of ways. It’s time to get in the know and learn all you can about your child! You will find it’s more than useful. You can prepare for the future and that can take a load off your shoulders.Read page from https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/858723 for more tips.

Enjoy the Time

Pregnancies are unique to every woman and it can be a very surreal time. However, it’s also the time to enjoy the experience and the bonding process can begin with the baby already. You are going to love the child and the entire experience that comes with it. You can calculate due date and find out everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself for the big day.

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