What is the Army Body Fat Calculator?


The army body fat calculator is the U.S standard calculation of fitness for entry into the force, within the specified allowed fat percentage. Each’s body fat percentage has to comply with a range of the age groups listed.


Your gender has a role in the calculation of male and female body fat is scientifically different due to women carrying more fat than males. There are five other categories to enter for the calculation as a percentage; these consist of age, height, neck, waist, and hip. So a result of your actual body fat percentage is calculated and then following the criteria for entry within the recruitment standards, and army body fat calculator, this percentage is examined as successful or unsuitable.

The U.S army has their own selected way of categorizing body fat; this is to do with the levels of fitness they will class as the standard for entry requirements. Body fat percentages are an important factor in determining the amount of fat on a person’s body, which is too low or too high indicates risks on that individual’s health overall.

Health risks whether seemingly insignificant to you should not be dealt with lightly, ignoring any kind of health risk is silly as you won’t be aware of any dangers upon you and then the chance of you increasing it into a dangerously high factor of ill-health is very imminent. Make sure you do have regular checks from your dietician or other health professional, they are there for this particular specification so take advantage and get to know the facts about your body. Read more.

Effects of your lifestyle

Once you have the answers about your weight, diet values and the effects of your lifestyle on your body you need to start to a new positive plan that will reverse likely hoods of risks on your health. Create a personal diet plan for yourself that suits you and won’t leave you tired and unhappy, even if this means a reward at the end of the week by treating yourself to chocolate as a dessert or by going out for a meal. Keeping a balance between better foods and exercise will result in weight loss at the speed your body chooses, so don’t push yourself to your limits, we all have them.

Starting up a new acting career or any other personal goals that involve a health assessment of your body fat, the army body fat calculator can still be used if you require the final percentage. It is always useful to know such calculations and estimations to give you the area within the health bracket that you stand, for you to do something about it or at best, maintain the lifestyle you have if you stand within a healthy recommended area.


They are new regulations published by the U.S Army every few years which are in regards to the army fitness standards. As a matter of fact, the army body fat calculator is part of the U.S. Army’s Medical fitness standards. This calculator standard provides a means for determining body fat percentages and whether a person meets or exceeds the Army’s standards. For more information visit: https://www.okcalculator.com/good-return-investment/



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